When considering the type of concentrator you want to get for yourself or a loved one there are a variety of factors you will want to consider. One very important one is how you or your loved one wants the oxygen delivered. Do you want the oxygen to come in, in a pulse flow or continuous flow?

With continuous flow oxygen, the net amount inhaled is a combination of the flow rate, the size of the breaths as well the number of breaths.

In contrast, pulse flow oxygen delivery is based on both breathing and inhaling. This type of flow utilizes an oxygen conserver and advanced technology to give a user oxygen base on various factors including breathing rates. With pulse flow oxygen concentrators you can deliver the proper amount of oxygen during all phases of daily activity and while resting.

Pulse flow concentrators are most efficient and preferred during daytime activities such as shopping and traveling, as they are lightweight and easy to travel with. If though, you require oxygen at night for sleep apnea a continuous flow concentrator maybe the ideal option. It is heavier than a pulse flow concentrator and won’t have the same battery life but will provide oxygen constantly and uninterrupted.

For more information on which type of concentrator is best for you or your loved one contact your physician or Bridge To Care USA at 800-801-3781.