If you are looking for an oxygen concentrator that is so lightweight that even a child could transport it, you need to check out the Philips Respironics SimplyGo Portable.

In addition, to the lightweight the SimplyGo Portable is built to withstand the roughest of treatment but at the same time continue to operate at maximum efficiency and reliability.

The SimplyGo Portable Mini can run with a standard battery up to 4.5 hours at a setting of 3 or with an extended battery, which provides up to 9 hours of battery life when put at setting 2. That means a lot of fun time living and less time worrying about your oxygen supply.

Being a pulse dose portable oxygen concentrator, the SimplyGo Portable Mini will detect when a patient is about to inhale. It is during that time that a pulse volume of oxygen is delivered. It can also, though deliver continue flow therapy for individuals struggling with breathing difficulties.

This user-friendly, non-medical looking device with innovative touchscreen comes with a lot of extra accessories including a shoulder strap, carrying case, foldable and adjustable wheeled cart, outlet charger, cannula and accessory bag. With all this being included can save a patient a good deal of money that they otherwise would have to put in for.

FAA approved, this unit is free to fly the friendly skies with you. Grab it and start enjoying life again.

For additional information on this unit and other oxygen concentrators for yourself or a loved one contact Bridge To Care at 800-801-3781 or visit BridgeToCareUSA.com.