For many, the terms “oxygen concentrator” and “oxygen tank” mean the same thing. In reality though, they are completely different.

Here are few differences and why oxygen concentrators are your better bet:

    • Tanks store a set amount of compressed oxygen and will eventually run out. In contrast, concentrators filter the air that surrounds the device to create medical grade oxygen, supplying an infinite amount of oxygen while the battery is powered on.

    • Oxygen concentrators are much safer than oxygen tanks. That’s because tanks can start to leak, creating an environment where the tank’s air is saturated with pure oxygen. When this happens there is a greater risk of a fire starting. Concentrators, on the other hand, work differently. They use surrounding air to create purified air as needed. There is no risk of leakage, which means less of a risk of a fire starting.

  • Concentrators are much more convenient to carry. You can simply have it dangle off your shoulder while an oxygen tank could be very heavy and a big pain to be mobile with.

While both concentrators and tanks are an investment, parts are usually much more affordable for concentrators compared to tanks. There is also financing available to make your purchase much more obtainable. For more information on how to save money on home oxygen machines, read here.

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