If you are looking for a pulse dose portable oxygen concentrator you may want to consider the SimplyGo Mini. Offering 1-5 lpm (liters per min) of pulse flow oxygen this durable concentrator operates up to 10,000 feet above sea level.

In regard to size, it is very portable. Being at just 305 cubic inches and weighting only 5 pounds this type of concentrator is ideal for those who are active and on the go.

With the standard battery the Mini can operate for 4.5 hours and 9 hours from an extended battery.

In addition, batteries are easy to exchange when needed and the option of selecting a lightweight battery or extended battery is a valuable feature that many users take advantage of.

The LCD screen on top is easy to read and provides easy access to simple controls including the five different flow settings.

Included with the mini is a battery, AC/DC adapters, a custom carrying case, shoulder and handle strap, accessory bag, cannula and of course user manual.

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