While there are many great places to live in this country, when you’re on supplemental oxygen some maybe better than others.

Living With OxygenThat’s because of air quality, as some locations have more irritants and pollutants in the air than others. In addition, areas where there are a lot of chemical fumes, vapes and dust can be difficult for people that rely on supplemental oxygen.

Another consideration you should take when determining where to reside is climate. Cold ones can cause air passageways to become constricted. Warm climates, especially ones with humidity can result in build-up resistances in those passageways, which can make breathing more difficult.

In general, when looking for a city or town to reside in, look for one where the air is clean and the climate doesn’t fluctuate much. Also look for one that has good hospitals and healthcare facilities.

A good resource to learn about the air quality where you live as well as other locations visit airnow.gov.

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