With COVID-19 seeming to get better every day, more and more of us are hoping to begin flying again, whether that be for work or pleasure.

If though you require portable oxygen you should be familiar with all the can’s and cannot’s.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) permits travelers to fly with certain portable oxygen concentrators and if you know you are going to be traveling in the future with a portable oxygen concentrator (POC), you will want to confirm that the type you are buying is FAA approved.

Most airlines do require flyers bringing POC’s with them to be notified in advance. Usually 48 hours before flight time. During this time you can also confirm with the airline if they have power outlets on the plane so you can power it during flight. Should they not, they can help you in determining how many batteries you should bring with. Some may suggest having up to 150% battery time for the duration of the flight.

The last thing most airlines require when flying with POC’s is a doctor’s note. This note should include information on how often you need oxygen as well as the flow rate that you require. Some airlines can provide you with a template so all the physician needs to do is fill in the answers and sign it.

For additional questions on traveling with POC’s contact Bridge To Care USA at 800-801-3781 or visit BridgeToCareUSA.com.

Happy and safe travels!