The great thing about portable oxygen concentrators (POCs) is that they’re, well, portable! Regardless of your travel plans, you can breathe easy knowing you have a mobile supply of oxygen. Here are some helpful tips for using a portable oxygen concentrator in the car.

Test Before the Trip

When you first get your portable oxygen concentrator, bring the unit out to your car and run it to make sure everything works as intended. You should also test out the batteries and confirm they last as long as they should. If any problems arise, reach out to the company and they’ll assist you in making it right.

Don’t Leave Your POC in the Car

Extreme hot or cold temperatures are dangerous to your portable oxygen device. You can avoid them by bringing your unit inside with you at the end of your drive. And keep in mind that your portable oxygen concentrator is a valuable piece of equipment that might lead to a car break-in.

Store Your Unit Upright

The best place to store your unit is upright on the floor of the passenger’s side. Ensure you keep it as secure as possible. Avoid placing it directly next to, on top of, or under purses, clothing, or any other material that could obstruct airflow around the device. These obstructions could cause overheating.

Don’t Smoke

We hope this goes without saying, but don’t smoke in a car with a portable oxygen concentrator. Any source of open flame near your oxygen concentrator is extremely dangerous, as oxygen is highly flammable. If you absolutely must smoke, ensure that the unit is off and remove the cannula. Make sure you’re not in the vehicle with your oxygen device.

With these tips for using a portable oxygen concentrator in the car, everything becomes easier. If you’re looking to get your first POC, we have an excellent selection of portable concentrators for sale on our site.