Oxygen concentrators are great for at-home oxygen therapy during the day. If your doctor deems it necessary, they can also be beneficial when you’re sleeping. If you already use a CPAP or BiPAP machine at night, these machines can be connected to work together. Learn how oxygen concentrators work with CPAPs and BiPAPs to help you sleep better.

Get the Right Equipment

There are two ways to connect your oxygen concentrator to your CPAP or BiPAP machine—you can connect your oxygen to the entire unit or just to the mask.

If you want to connect your oxygen to the unit, you will need an L-shaped oxygen bleed adaptor. If you prefer to connect to the mask and it has an oxygen port, you won’t need any special equipment. If your mask does not have an oxygen port, you will need to connect your concentrator to your CPAP or BiPAP machine.

Connect the Equipment

Connecting the oxygen bleed adaptor is a fairly straightforward process. Before you start, make sure your oxygen concentrator and your CPAP or BiPAP machine are off. Detach the mask tubing from your machine, leaving the other end attached to the mask. Connect the L-shaped oxygen bleed adaptor to the same place you removed the tubing from your machine, then reconnect your mask tubing to the end of the adaptor. You can then attach your oxygen machine to the small L-shaped tube protruding from the side of the bleed adaptor. Once both tubes are secured, you can turn on both machines.

If your mask has an oxygen port, turn off both machines, connect your oxygen to the port, and turn them back on.

Be Aware of Limitations

Please note that no matter how you connect them, CPAP and BiPAP machines only work with continuous flow oxygen. Pulse oxygen will not work with a CPAP or BiPAP machine. Speak with your doctor if you are on pulse oxygen and they recommend nightly oxygen therapy with your CPAP or BiPAP.

This should help you understand how oxygen concentrators work with CPAPs and BiPAPs to allow for nightly oxygen therapy and easier breathing. If you’re in need of a refurbished portable oxygen concentrator, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re happy to provide a refurbished home oxygen concentrator, reconditioned and rigorously tested so it’s safe to use and easy on your budget.