Are you wondering what to do with an old oxygen concentrator? If you have a diagnosis that requires an oxygen concentrator, a portable one offers many advantages. But eventually, due to ever-evolving technology, all oxygen concentrators become obsolete. They either get too old and stop working, a better option hits the market, or your health changes and you no longer need oxygen therapy. But that can leave people wondering, how do you dispose of an old oxygen concentrator? Is it safe to throw away, or are there other, better options? Where can you donate or sell a used oxygen concentrator? Keep reading to learn about your disposal options.

Call Your Trash Pickup Service

The first instinct many people have when something becomes obsolete is to throw it away. However, not all trash pickup services are willing to dispose of oxygen concentrators, so before throwing it in the garbage can and leaving it on the curb, you need to call your service provider. They may have specific instructions on how you can safely throw your old concentrator away with them or with another provider in the area.

Buyback Programs

Before you follow that first instinct to throw your old concentrator away, though, look into buyback programs. We offer a buyback program here at Bridge to Care where all you have to do is fill out a form, accept an estimated offer, and ship your equipment. Then, you’ll get a check. This is ideal for unused equipment, but we accept old and used equipment as well. If you bought your oxygen concentrator from a different provider, you could also ask them if they offer a buyback program.

Donate to Those in Need

There are several options for people who prefer to donate their old oxygen concentrator instead of making money on it. First, you need to have your equipment assessed to make sure it’s still safe for patients to use, and then you can start offering the equipment to different organizations. Check with local hospitals, medical centers, and nursing homes if you want to avoid shipping costs. If they can’t take your equipment, you can contact different charities that accept concentrator donations. If your equipment is no longer suitable for humans, you can offer it to veterinary clinics or animal charities since they often need equipment for animals on oxygen therapy.

So how do you dispose of an old oxygen concentrator? You can trash it after checking with your service provider, sell it to a buyback program, or donate it to those in need. If you’re looking to dispose of your old concentrator and replace it with a newer one, Bridge to Care offers repurposed oxygen concentrators for sale that will allow you to breathe easier while going easy on your wallet. We also offer new models with 0 percent interest and 12-month financing so nothing gets in the way of you breathing better.

Contact us today with any questions about our products, including tubing and cannulas. You can also explore our blogs to learn more about donating or selling old oxygen concentrators. 

How Do You Dispose of an Old Oxygen Concentrator?