Many people are shocked by the high cost of medical equipment when they go to purchase something for the first time. Even with insurance, medical equipment can cost a lot of money, and when it’s time to update that equipment, many people feel that all they’ve done is lost money. Buyback programs help people buy the equipment they need and sell the equipment they don’t at a reasonable price. If you or a loved one needs to buy equipment or wants to sell, we can help. Keep reading to learn about the four benefits of using a medical equipment buyback program.

Buying Benefit: Affordability

As mentioned above, buying medical equipment that was turned into a manufacturer or distributor through a buyback program means you can get the equipment you need at a price you can afford. While some people worry that the equipment turned in to a buyback program isn’t as good as new equipment, this isn’t true. There are stringent guidelines for redistributing gently used medical equipment, especially oxygen equipment, so you never need to worry that affordable equipment is poor quality.

Selling Benefit: Easy Upgrades

Technology is ever-changing, especially in the medical field, so it makes sense that people want to upgrade their equipment over time and do so without breaking the bank. When you sell your gently used equipment to a buyback program, you’re getting back some of your initial investment into your original equipment, which allows you to afford your upgraded equipment. Even if you’re selling your equipment to a different place than where you bought it, you can still get a good price that will help you afford the improved version.

Buying Benefit: Reliability

Another benefit to buying medical equipment from a buyback program is that you know the equipment is reliable. If someone has used this equipment, turned it in for refurbishing, and it still works well, you know that it’s a piece of equipment you can trust. Refurbished oxygen concentrators and other medical equipment go through rigorous testing to make sure they can support your health and lifestyle needs.

Selling Benefit: Declutter

Some people only need oxygen and other types of medical equipment for a limited time. Once their health changes, they no longer need the equipment and don’t want it sitting around their house. Disposing of an old oxygen concentrator can be tricky, though. That’s where buyback programs come in. You get to declutter your home and get rid of the items you don’t need, all while knowing they’re going to someone who does need them.

The benefits of using a medical equipment buyback program lie in how affordable and reliable the equipment is for buyers and that it allows sellers to easily upgrade and declutter. If you or a loved one needs oxygen concentrator equipment and want to use a buyback program to purchase it, Bridge to Care is happy to help.