Some conditions require the use of multiple assistive devices. The term assistive device covers various categories, from hearing aids to oxygen concentrators to wheelchairs. Today, we’ll focus specifically on oxygen and wheelchair use and how someone who needs both can safely use them together. Keep reading to learn three safety tips for using oxygen with a wheelchair.

Keep Tubing Safe

One of the biggest safety concerns for those who use oxygen in a wheelchair is how to keep the tubing away from the wheelchair wheels. Long tubing allows you to move out of the wheelchair or transport your oxygen concentrator, but it’s easier for long tubing to catch under a wheel.

You can avoid long tubing altogether by attaching your oxygen concentrator to the back of your wheelchair so that it’s easy to access. Another option is to attach a hook or similar device to your wheelchair and store long tubing on it. This way, the tubing can unravel as you need it without the risk of ending up underneath a wheel.

Keep Your Concentrator Accessible

No matter when and how you use your oxygen concentrator, you should always be able to reach it in case of an emergency. If you don’t have the mobility to reach an oxygen concentrator attached to the back of your wheelchair, then it’s vital to find another way to bring it with you.

Depending on the size and type of your wheelchair, you may be able to attach it to the side of your mobility aid. This location should make it more accessible. Many portable oxygen concentrators also have bags to make them easier to carry. You could wear a backpack-style carrier on the front of your body for easy access, though this option is best for temporary situations because it can become uncomfortable.

Keep Vents Clear

Your oxygen concentrator can’t function unless it can take oxygen in. If you attach your concentrator to the back or side of your wheelchair, you must ensure that the vents remain clear. Blocked vents prevent you from getting oxygen and can lead your concentrator to overheat, damaging it in the process. If you can’t check that all the vents are clear while the concentrator is in position, check in a mirror or ask someone else to inspect the device.

Following these three safety tips for using oxygen with a wheelchair can help you feel more confident using your assistive devices in tandem. If you’re in need of a small oxygen concentrator that you can safely use in your wheelchair, Bridge To Care can help. Our portable concentrators are lightweight, affordable, and high-quality, ensuring you can breathe easier on a budget.