Buying gifts for someone with a medical condition is hard. You want to give them something good and useful, but don’t want to remind them about their condition throughout holiday celebrations. The key is to buy them a thoughtful gift that balances their health needs with things they enjoy. For someone with COPD, that balance often features exercise, staying warm in the winter, and entertainment that can get their minds off their illness. Keep reading to get six thoughtful gift ideas for people with COPD that will help them live and feel better.

Exercise Equipment

Exercise is an important part of living with COPD. Regular exercise can help the body use oxygen better, decrease the risk of infection, and improve mental health. Light cardiovascular endurance exercises like biking and strength exercises like lifting weights are the best and safest options for someone with COPD.

Exercise Bike

Any light cardiovascular exercise is good for someone with COPD, so your loved one doesn’t need an exercise bike to get the right exercise. However, most cardiovascular exercises like walking and swimming require you to get out of the house. Getting out is good for people with COPD since it prevents social isolation, but there are some days when leaving the house isn’t plausible. Having an exercise bike inside their home will allow them to exercise and stay healthy without having to leave. Working out at home also affords extra privacy for someone who might feel self-conscious about exercising with COPD, as they might cough a lot or require supplemental oxygen. An exercise bike gives them the accessibility and privacy they need, so it makes a great gift.

Light Weights

COPD affects the entire body and can make daily tasks more difficult. Regular strength training can help your loved one stay healthy and independent despite their condition. Weightlifting with light weights is the best way to maintain and improve personal strength to stay independent without overexerting the body. If your loved one already has weights they like, then you can also consider gifting them another piece of strength training equipment, such as stretch bands. Whatever the gift is, make sure it isn’t too heavy and someone can use it sitting down, as many people with COPD can’t stand to exercise for long periods of time.

Cozy Items

Winter is hard for a lot of people. Cold seems to seep into the body and bring on shivers and coughs even in healthy people. People with COPD struggle even more in the cold, since the coughing it brings on can hurt their lungs. Cold weather often leaves people more susceptible to infections, which is dangerous for someone with COPD. Cozy items your loved one can wear around the house or when they’re out and about can help with this.


Even though most of us have consistent heat in our homes, our feet can still feel chilly when it’s cold outside. A nice pair of slippers can defeat that final chill that sticks around and help us feel more comfortable—your loved one with COPD included. Since COPD can also land people in hospitals and treatment centers, make sure you buy durable ones that can endure travel. Look for a pair with rubber soles so they can walk without worrying about slipping.

Outdoor Gear

Just because the cold bothers people with COPD more doesn’t mean they should have to give up going outside during the winter. The right outdoor gear can help them stay warm and comfortable while venturing outside. Hats, gloves, scarves, and socks are the best outdoor gear for staying cozy. You can buy a set where several of these items match, or you can just buy one of these as a fun stocking stuffer. Whatever you buy, make sure that it’s warm, comfortable, and in a color or print that your loved one will want. Just because this gift is to help someone with a medical condition doesn’t mean it should be boring or ugly. This is a useful gift that’s fun, so embrace that fun during the shopping process.

Entertainment Options

As we mentioned in the exercise section, people afflicted with COPD sometimes don’t feel like leaving the house. If they don’t feel well or feel self-conscious about using oxygen therapy in public, they may feel more comfortable at home. Staying home with nothing to do quickly becomes boring, so consider an entertaining gift for your loved one this holiday season. While books or a new record are great entertainment options, consider something they can use for longer.


There are lots of subscription options, from subscription boxes that arrive on your doorstep each month to subscribing to streaming platforms. Both subscriptions offer fun entertainment options that can brighten the day of someone with COPD. A monthly subscription box feels like the gift that keeps on giving and lets your loved one experience something new every month. There are book subscription boxes and other hobby subscription boxes that will keep your loved one busy even when they’re stuck inside. Paying for a subscription to a streaming service will also keep your loved one entertained and busy while they’re home.


Another gift that continues to give is technology. If your loved one enjoys music, consider buying them a piece of technology that takes their musical experience to the next level. Record players are becoming popular again and make a great gift, along with noise-canceling headphones. This type of headphones is especially helpful for someone who needs supplemental oxygen all the time, as it helps them enjoy their music without hearing their machine in the background. If your loved one prefers reading, consider an electronic book reader, so they can access books without having to leave the house. If you’re not sure what kind of technology to invest in for your loved one, just consider what they’ll find useful and what will improve their daily life.

An exercise bike, light weights, slippers, outdoor gear, subscriptions, and technology are just six thoughtful gift ideas for people with COPD, but they will greatly improve their life. Another gift that will greatly improve their life is an oxygen machine. Not everyone with COPD requires supplemental oxygen, but many do, and they may struggle to afford the necessary equipment. If you want to get your loved one a fun gift we listed above, like headphones or gloves, along with something more practical, consider buying them an oxygen machine. Bridge to Care has oxygen machines to buy that will help them breathe easier and live better.

6 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for People With COPD