Rehabilitation often sounds intimidating. Most people understand that it involves exercise to restore the body but don’t know anything about the specifics. Pulmonary rehab is even more mysterious since it involves fixing an internal problem with the lungs instead of an exterior one with limbs. Keep reading to learn what to expect at a pulmonary rehab appointment so you can shake off the mystery and feel more confident about your upcoming appointment.

Body and Breathing Exercise

As we mentioned previously, most forms of rehab require exercise. Bodily exercise is a common part of rehab, including pulmonary rehab. Although this type of rehab focuses on the lungs, exercising your body in various ways, such as biking or weightlifting, can promote healthy blood flow. Healthy blood flow helps oxygen around your body.

Since pulmonary rehab focuses on the lungs, you can expect breathing exercises during your appointment. You’ll learn about exercises and strategies that will improve your breathing and open your airways.

Body and Mind Counseling

When the lungs struggle, the entire body struggles, including the digestive system and the brain. Due to this chain reaction, nutritional and psychological counseling are often part of pulmonary rehab. You’ll learn how your weight affects your breathing, and a nutritionist will help you create a plan to maintain a healthy weight that will help your lungs function better.

A medical professional will help you focus on your mental health during psychological counseling. Chronic lung problems can contribute to anxiety and depression, so going to regular therapy appointments or support groups can help your recovery.

Timeline Expectations

Now that you know what to expect during your appointment, you probably want to know how long rehab will take. Most programs take one to three months and meet two to three times a week. If you have a chronic health condition that affects your lungs, such as COPD, you may need to stay in rehab for longer or will receive a more detailed health plan upon graduation.

A pulmonary rehab appointment will feature various exercises, counseling, and other forms of care to help you breathe easy and live your best life. While it’s difficult to know exactly what to expect, you can trust you’ll get the help you need. If your lungs need extra help and your doctor prescribes oxygen therapy, consider purchasing an affordable oxygen concentrator from Bridge To Care. Our refurbished concentrators are rigorously tested and reconditioned to ensure they’re of the highest quality without breaking the bank.