You and your doctor worked together to decide whether oxygen therapy was the right choice for your health. However, that teamwork might not mean you’re happy to start using an oxygen concentrator. While many oxygen users know the health benefits of using a portable oxygen concentrator, they might not know about the other related lifestyle benefits. We’ve listed five of them below so you can look forward to your new life on oxygen.

Healthy Independence

Before you started oxygen therapy, you could probably tell something was wrong with your body. Many people experience shortness of breath and other symptoms on their journey to oxygen therapy. This journey probably happened within your home since these symptoms made you worry about leaving the house in case something bad happened. Portable oxygen concentrators alleviate these symptoms and allow you to breathe properly while out and about. This level of independence is great for your mental and physical health.

Lightweight Travels

Portable oxygen concentrators aren’t just great for getting out of the house—they can help you travel much farther than that! Most are lightweight and FAA-approved, so you can throw them over your shoulder and jump on a plane without worrying. While traveling with an oxygen concentrator will require some extra planning, it shouldn’t hold you back from anything. They come in easy carriers or wheeled devices that can accompany you anywhere.

Quiet Comfort

Many people worry that bringing a portable oxygen concentrator in public or confined spaces, such as a theater or airplane, will be noisy and distracting. However, most of these devices are quiet, so your ears and all the ears around you stay comfortable. Most devices measure between 30 and 50 decibels, which ranges from a quiet whisper to the noise of a running refrigerator. That means most people won’t even notice your concentrator. You may even forget it’s there too!

Mental Clarity

While you may forget your oxygen concentrator is there, you’ll still notice and appreciate the health benefits. One of the biggest health benefits people fail to mention about oxygen therapy is the mental clarity and alertness. When you’re finally getting the oxygen you need without struggling, your entire body feels better, especially your brain. This clarity is especially important when you’re out and about, such as driving cars and traveling.

Simple Usage

The idea of using a portable oxygen concentrator can feel intimidating at first. However, these devices are simpler to use than many people expect. Once you know how to replace the battery, turn it on, and keep it clean, you’re ready to use it throughout your daily life. It should slide easily in and out of the travel container, so it’s no more difficult than slipping a book into a bag that you put over your shoulder or pull behind you.

Using a portable oxygen concentrator brings many benefits to your life, from improving your health to making it easy to travel again. If your doctor recently prescribed oxygen therapy, Bridge to Care sells portable oxygen concentrators that will work perfectly for you. They are affordable, high-quality, and will provide all the benefits we mentioned above.