Philips SimplyGo Mini Portable Oxygen Concentrator


Philips Respironics has earned its reputation for designing and building quality into all of its products. With the SimplyGo Mini, we can offer our customer’s choice for quality in lightweight, portable small oxygen concentrators.

In fact, as the lightest and smallest portable oxygen concentrator developed by Philips Respironics, the SimplyGo Mini is built for today’s customers with features like the attractive and sleek design; easy-to-remove external battery; lightweight, intuitive, easy-to-read screen; and long-lasting battery life. With all of those great features, this mini portable oxygen concentrator is one of the best choices for when you’re on the move.




Small Oxygen Concentrator

The SimplyGo Mini has been built to withstand the roughest treatment and continue to operate at maximum efficiency and reliability. It weighs only 5 pounds and is the lightest weight and compact portable oxygen concentrator on the market. The SimplyGo Mini allows the user to choose the power and weight option that works best for their lifestyles and needs. This concentrator has a battery life of 4.5 hours of full charge, delivering 1 liter per minute. It can provide five different settings using a pulse dose delivery system that provides the user with a burst of oxygen whenever a breath is taken. The SimplyGo Mini is a Pulse Dose portable oxygen concentrator. Whenever the device detects the patient is about to inhale, a pulse volume of oxygen is delivered. This machine is designed for on the go respiratory amenities.

Weight: 5 lbs. with standard battery installed
6 lbs. with extended battery installed
Dimensions: L 9.4 in x W 3.6 in x H 8.3 in (standard battery)
L 10.2 in x W 3.6 in x H 8.3 in (extended battery)
Decibel Level: 42 dBA typical at setting 2 and 20 BPM (As loud as a quiet office)
48 dBA typical at setting 5 and 20 BPM (As loud as a moderate rainfall)
FAA Approved: Yes
Flow Settings: 1-5 LPM on pulse mode (liter per minute)
Battery Duration: Up to 4.5 hours (Pulse setting of 2L at 20 BPM with the standard battery)
Up to 9 hours (Pulse setting of 2L at 20BPM with the extended battery)
Warranty: 5-year manufacturer warranty on the device
Charge Time: The maximum recharge time is 4 hours for the standard battery from fully discharged to fully charged. (Based on the power source and usage)
The maximum recharge time is 8 hours for the extended battery from fully discharged to fully charged. (Based on the power source and usage)
Oxygen Concentration: At least 87% at all settings (maximum of 96%) over the rated environmental range
Power: AC Power – input 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz/Output 19 VDC, 6.3 A max
DC Power – input 12-16 VDC/Output 19 +/- 5% VDC, 6.3 A
Operating Conditions: Operational temperature: 41F to 95F (5C to 35C)
Relative humidity: 15% to 93%
Altitude: up to 10,000 ft (3048 m.)
Included Accessories: Carrying Case, Shoulder Strap , AC Power supply & Cord, DC Power supply, Accessory bag, Rechargeable Battery, Manual, and Tubing



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