Philips SimplyGo Portable Oxygen Concentrator

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Philips Respironics SimplyGo portable oxygen concentrator offers continuous flow and pulse-dose delivery in a device, only weighing 10 pounds. SimplyGo’s oxygen concentrator has more than twice the oxygen output of any POC weighing 10 pounds or less. That means SimplyGo can keep up with your portable oxygen needs today and tomorrow.

With high-quality parts, high impact-resistant design, and big cartwheels, this portable concentrator for oxygen was built to set new ruggedness standards. During development, The SimplyGo was rigorously tested and subjected to extreme conditions, including impacts, vibrations, and temperatures to deliver reliable performance day in and day out.



Oxygen Concentrator

A concentrator that weighs around 10 pounds and delivers both pulse dose and continuous flow. It features a compressor created to last for years, large durable wheels, and a high restraint, making this device easy to take anywhere. It features a Sleep Mode setting that increases output during nighttime and a delivery trigger that grows with a soft pulse for exceptional comfort. It delivers up to 2 LPM (liters per minute) on the continuous flow setting and a pulse dose output that sends a burst of oxygen to the user whenever they breathe. Pulse dose is available up to a setting of 6. It is ideal for anyone who requires oxygen therapy, especially active users who don’t want to be confined to their homes. The SimplyGo is also unsurpassed in safety. It features an extremely long battery and alarms that indicate a high breath rate, no breath detection, low oxygen, system technical fault, and depleted battery.

Weight: 10.0 lbs. with battery installed
Dimensions:  L 11.5 in x W 6 in x H 10 in
Decibel Level: 43 dBA at normal pulse mode setting of 2 LPM and 20 BPM (As loud as a quiet office)
FAA Approved: Yes
Flow Settings: Pulse flow Mode
1-6 LPM (liter per minute)
Continuous Flow Mode
.5-2 LPM (liter per minute) in 0.5 increments
Battery Duration: Up to 4 hours on Pulse flow setting of 2 LPM
Up to 1 hour on continuous flow setting of 2 LPM
Warranty: 3-year manufacturer warranty on the device
Charge Time: 2-3 hours from fully discharged to fully charged, depending on the operating mode and device settings.
Oxygen Concentration: At least 87% at all settings (maximum of 96%) over the rated environmental range
Power: DC Power – input 12-19 VDC/Output 19 +/- 5% VDC, 8.0 A max
Operating Conditions: Operational temperature: 41F to 104F (5C to 40C)
Relative humidity: 15% to 93%
Altitude: up to 10,000 ft (3048 m.)
Included Accessories: Carrying Case, Shoulder Strap, Mobile Cart, AC Power supply & Cord, DC Power supply, Accessory bag, Battery, Manual Tubing


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