Preowned Oxlife Independence


The Oxlife Independence® takes POC performance to the next level. With patented Energy Smart® technology, it boasts the longest battery life in class, and delivers over three times the flow of the leading POC. With the Oxlife Independence by your side you will enjoy unlimited oxygen. No longer constrained by the limitation of tanks, the world is yours. Feel free to travel – airplanes, cruise ships, rental cars, and hotels.




With Dynamic Network Analysis Technology (DNA), the OxLife Independence is the world’s first smart portable oxygen concentrator. By using DNA, we are able to monitor the machines temperature and the environment you are
in to ensure the best performance possible. At a continuous flow on the second setting, the battery will last up to 2.75 hours. At approximately 16lbs, the OxLife Independence is highly mobile with its built in 6-wheel cart and
oversized wheels. The proprietary DNA technology connects providers and patients, spotting problems ahead of time and hopefully avoiding costly hospitalizations before they occur. Built to serve active oxygen patients, the
Independence is a go-anywhere design. This includes air travel, with the Oxlife approved by the FAA for in-flight use and compact enough to be stowed away under seat on many airlines. Get the most out of your portable oxygen
therapy with the durable, go-anywhere O2 Concepts Oxlife Independence oxygen concentrator.

Weight:18 lbs. with battery installed
Dimensions: L 10.9 in x W 8 in x H 20.2.875 in (Single battery)
Decibel Level:40 dBA at normal pulse mode setting of 2 LPM (As loud as a quiet office)
FAA Approved:Yes
Flow Settings:Pulse flow
0.5-6 LPM (liter per minute) in 0.5 increments
Continuous flow
.5-3 LPM (liter per minute) in 0.5 increments
Battery Duration:Up to 5.75 hours (Pulse setting of 2L per battery)
Up to 1.15 hours (continuous setting of 2L per battery)
Warranty:3-year manufacturer warranty on the device, 1 year on all accessories
Charge Time:The maximum recharge time is 1.5 hours for one battery from full discharged to fully charged. (Based on the power source and usage)
The maximum recharge time is 2.5 hours with both batteries from fully discharged to fully charged. (Based on the power source and usage)
Oxygen Concentration:At least 90% at all settings (maximum of 96%) over the rated environmental range
Power:AC Power – input 100 to 240VAC, 1.0-2.0A, 50/60 Hz
DC Power – input 12 -15 10Amps
Operating Conditions:Operational temperature: 50F to 104F (5C to 40C)
Humidity: 0% to 95%, non-condensing
Altitude: up to 13,123 ft (4000 m.)
Included Accessories:AC Power supply & Cord, DC Power supply, Accessory bag, Mobile Cart, Battery, Manual, Tubing